You are here to read on some of the things ladies do that push guys away. Here is a short story to give you a little more insight to this topic.

Nancy and David met on a blind date. They were set up by mutual friends who thought they would be perfect for each other. On the very first date, everything went so well, there was no mistake they were really into each other.

They both could see this blossoming into a beautiful relationship. Conversation flowed and there was no dull moment.

Its been a month since their first date, but Nancy can feel David already pulling away. They had gone on a few more dates after that and they seemed to have gone on well.

Maybe she was overthinking things, but she has been calling him and has left him countless messages on his phone. He had only replied a few, and claimed he was simply too busy to answer the others.

Within the first month, she had already introduced him to a few of her friends and her family. In her mind, she was already carrying his babies and had also started looking up wedding venues. She had even thrown in a hint during their last date.

The restaurant was so cozy and she had casually mentioned how it would be a great venue for a wedding reception, David had just smiled and nodded. So what had gone wrong?

What do you think she has done to push him away?

There are many reasons why a guy would begin to pull away. There are also many things ladies do that push guys away.

Some may have nothing to do with the lady, but here are 5 main reasons why a guy will pull away from what you may consider an otherwise great relationship.

All the points considered here are things that have to do with you as a lady.

Here are some of the things ladies do that push guys away


1) You are pushing for things to happen too quickly

Women are taking up space in society and are being great agents of change. There is a whole movement for women to be treated equally as men, and this is so great.

When it comes to relationships though, the dynamics are quite different especially at the beginning stages.

As a lady, it is often not to your advantage for you to push for things to happen quickly, especially when the guy has not even made up his mind about the relationship.

You might come off as being too desperate.

There are few instances where a girl pushing for things to move along quickly work, but those are exceptions.

Men naturally take the lead especially at the beginning of a relationship. You on the other hand should still put yourself out there and be available to other men that are interested in you.

Don’t chase off other guys simply because you like a guy that is not yet committed to you.

Its only being a month of talking and you are already bringing up marriage and babies, before he has even officially said anything.

You might be setting yourself up for a heartbreak, if you are not careful.


2) You are too clingy

Before you met him, you had a life. Do not make him the center of your world all too quickly.

Some men like clingy women, but they are few. You should be conscious of the kind of man you are with so you do not come off as too clingy, and push him away.

It might be a little too overwhelming for him.

A guy once refused to go further in a relationship because the girl blew up his phone with 40 missed calls. He feared that she will not allow him have his space.

The general rule is, if you call a person twice and they are not picking, give it a rest, or send a message.

A man who respects you, will generally call you back as soon as possible, irrespective.

So stop blowing up his phone and leaving a 100 messages. It can make you look quite desperate.

Don’t become so emotionally dependent on him, you can’t function without him.


3) He feels you are not interested

Guys have feelings too and they also feel some form of insecurity.

They also do not want to get their hearts broken. No one does.

If a guy likes you, and he has shown that he does, your response will tell him if you are interested or not.

Maybe the vibes he is getting back from you is not communicating sufficiently that you are interested, so he might begin to pull back to avoid getting his emotions played with.

Not knowing where he stands with you, maybe because you are also not sure, is one of the things ladies do that can push guys away.

You could also be someone who does not easily show emotions, and he may interpret this as you being cold and uninterested.

Having a honest conversation with him about your feelings can help you communicate to him, how you feel about him.


4) Overthinking everything

Another reason why a guy might not want to be with you, is you overthink everything.

Some people overthink negative things into your relationship and then they become real.

When you overthink, you create all this false and negative scenarios’ in your head and you begin to act it out.

Maybe you have some insecurities from your previous relationships, you bringing those insecurities into this new relationship can push a guy away.

If he has to constantly re-assure of his loyalty and love, even when he has done nothing to show otherwise, he might begin to see this as a red flag and start to pull away.

You see him talking to a girl and you suddenly feel insecure and threatened. You might need help to overcome your overthinking problem.


5) You are burdening him with your problems

Some girls get into a relationship and somehow expect the guy to solve all their problems. So they start burdening with everything.

Sure, at some point in a relationship, you should be able to be there for each other but not to the point where you are running away from your personal responsibilities and putting them all on another person.

Its only been a few weeks and you are already requesting he fill up your gas tank and pay for your phone credit.

This can scare off any guy, because he might feel you only want to be with him for the things he can provide and do for you.

No one wants to feel used.

Before you met him, you were taking care of yourself, If he offers to help you fine, but do not make it his responsibility to carry your personal burdens.


If you feel your guy has suddenly become distant, you might also want to consider that he may have a lot of things going on in his mind and he just needs that space to process things.

Make sure you are not the one pushing him away with these habits and have an open and honest conversation about everything.


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