How to show love to your man

How to show love to your man

Many times the focus is on how a man can show love to their partners, and while that is good, men also would like to feel that they are loved. Better put, everyone in this world would like to know and feel that someone loves them, especially if it’s someone they already share the same … Read more

7 ways to deeply bond with your partner

7 ways to bond deeply with your partner

If there is one thing that kills relationship fast, it is losing connection with your partner. Many relationships start up great and in-between something happens and before you know it, they are heading for a breakup, if they are not able to remedy the situation fast. Genuine connection in relationship cannot be overemphasized. It cannot … Read more


8 signs you are in the wrong relationship

Relationships are very important to life. Healthy, thriving, loving and blissful relationships are what everyone desires. It is key to living a life filled with purpose and it is important for your complete happiness in life. The opposite of this which is being in a wrong relationship, can be a complete horror and nightmare. The … Read more


How to build healthy relationships

Every normal person desires to be in a relationship that is healthy, to be able to build healthy relationships is not rocket science but like any thing worth doing, it requires effort. Relationships are an important aspect of our existence here on earth, we can not do without them. It is important to understand that … Read more